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Prostate Cancer Support Ottawa (PCSO) is intended to offer a safe space to process feelings and experiences related to Prostate Cancer while receiving peer support and sharing our journeys. In this forum we hope to provide an opportunity for communication with others you come to trust about your concerns and how you are feeling to assist in easing stress.

Our group leaders, or any participant here today, will not provide medical, mental health or any other type of health service. No diagnosis, treatment recommendations or advice regarding any medical or mental health condition or illness will be offered.  We are, however, all open to sharing our stories, journeys and experiences in hope that you can relate and feel supported in your situation.

Year-end 2021

Year-end 2021

The Walnut is the official newsletter for PCS Ottawa, currently published approximately four times a year.

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We’ve suspended publication of our Prostate Cancer Support Ottawa newsletter, the Walnut, and currently are seeking a volunteer to edit and produce this popular circular. Please express your interest and/or questions by email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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