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Tentative PCS Ottawa meeting schedule 2022 – 2023

Here’s the PCS Ottawa meeting schedule for now through to our annual BBQ event in Jun 2023.  Some of these meetings will be completely virtual, such as on 20 October with Dr. Scott Morgan.  Other meetings will be ‘hybrid’ – both virtual and in-person. Please check for updates on our website and by email notifications before each meeting.

Cancer Coaching Provided Again in Ottawa

Several months ago, the Cancer Coaching program cancer for patients and caregivers at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation ended.  Now it’s being offered again by NexJ Connected Wellness here in Ottawa.

Prostate Cancer Support Canada Newsletter November 2022

Check out the Prostate Cancer Support Canada Your Monthly Debrief for the latest in national-level news, webinars, meetings and events for November 2022.

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation – Community Cancer Hub

After recently ending its long-running Cancer Coaching program, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation has implemented its new Community Cancer Hub model of support.  Through its Cancer System Navigator, this program offers cancer patients and their families in Eastern Ontario a central contact point for referrals to both clinical care providers and community-based programs.

New Survey on the use of darolutamide in the treatment of metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society is conducting a survey on the advantages and disadvantages of the drug darolutamide for treating metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer.  Patients and caregivers do not have to have experience with the drug to complete the survey, as information on their satisfaction with current treatments is valuable on its own.  Survey participants also may have an opportunity to give testimonials or be interviewed about their experience with darolutamide or their current treatments.  Results of the survey could lead to recommendations for darolutamide to be covered in Canada on public drug plans for people with this subset of prostate cancer. For information on participating in this survey, continue below.

You’re Invited to Participate!

The University of Ottawa Psychosocial Oncology Laboratory is conducting two important cancer-related studies. Dr. Sophie Lebel and her doctoral students are seeking volunteers for their research in these two areas:

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We’ve suspended publication of our Prostate Cancer Support Ottawa newsletter, the Walnut, and currently are seeking a volunteer to edit and produce this popular circular. Please express your interest and/or questions by email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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