Prostate Cancer Conference 2017 - Discover the Future

Videos from the 2017 conference can be accessed using the links below:

Expert Angle Webinar

Prostate Cancer Support Ottawa (PCSO) regularly receives inquiries from men on the various aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Through peer support and at regular meetings we attempt to help men deal with this.

Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) (now a part of Canadian Cancer Society) also helps address many of these issues through a series of webinars. The webinars are designed to address the many varied and complex questions that come with a prostate cancer diagnosis. These webinars address topics important to men with prostate cancer along different points of the cancer care continuum. Additionally these webinars can be helpful to those within their circle of care as well as the general public and representatives from the clinical community.

Prostate Cancer Canada - Prostate Cancer Canada

Past Webinars:

Prostate Cancer Canada - Prostate Cancer Canada

Presentations From Other Canadian Prostate Cancer Groups.

Prostate Cancer Support Toronto publish many of their past presentations. Se the Previous Meetings 2010-2020 section at the following webpage:

Prostate Canada BC Support Groups also publish past presentations. Use the following link to access them.

Videos – Prostate Cancer BC Support Groups

Member stories

Richard Cathcart’s Personal Journey
Peter Maddock’s Initial Journey


Year-end 2022

Year-end 2022

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