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The Walnut is the official newsletter for PCS Ottawa, currently published approximately four times a year.

Every issue includes:

  • Recaps of PCSO meetings and events
  • Announcements about upcoming meetings and events
  • Health and nutrition news
  • Survivor stories
  • Updates on new, innovative prostate and recurrent cancer treatment
  • Research and diagnostics
  • Photos, funny moments…and anything else we can come up with!

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Year-end 2022

What another year it’s been! But we made it.
And our organization thrived, grew and changed.

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Year-end 2022

The Walnut: Recent issues

The Walnut, Autumn 2019 PDF icon

From a partner’s perspective: living with prostate cancer

In this issue, we explore the concerns and needs of partners of survivors. Three overarching themes are discussed: 1) coping with life in the face of cancer, 2) encountering difficult emotions related to a partner’s illness, and 3) learning to live with relationship changes.

We look at these at various stages of the prostate cancer “journey”: diagnosis and treatment, and what that experience is like for couples, what they find as helpful, harmful, and surprising throughout the experience, what couples and families need through and following treatment, and how men and women think and respond differently to intimacy and relationship challenges that occur as a result of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Walnut, Autumn 2019

The Walnut, Summer 2019 PDF icon

In this issue, we explore how prostate cancer spreads, and talk about how this is monitored and treated. We talk about living with advanced prostate cancer: managing symptoms, managing pain.

We also look at how men can find support to deal with psychological distress, treatment distress and quality of life issues.

The Walnut, Summer 2019

The Walnut, Spring 2019 PDF icon

In this issue, we examine the physical, emotional and social wellbeing needs of men with prostate cancer. We look at a range of issues, including dealing with anxiety,fatigue, side effects of treatment, loss of libido and sexual function, impact on relationships. And because many men do not take a pro-active approach to take responsibility for our health, using self-reflection and reinvention to become more proactive and becoming an architect of our own health.

The Walnut, Spring 2019

The Walnut, Winter 2019 PDF icon

In this issue, we explore the risk factors for developing prostate cancer: age, race, family history, genetics, as well as social and environmental factors such as lifestyle, dietary habits. We also take a look at some common myths about risk factors.

The Walnut, Winter 2019

The Walnut, November 2018 PDF icon

In this issue, we explore the importance of promoting awareness and early diagnosis, look at how the Movember movement is helping to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health.

We also provide some statistics, look at the good work being done by True NTH, and the “Famous Fingers” awareness initiative.

The Walnut, November 2018

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